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Parent Testimonial

"Life is full of decisions. One of the best ones we ever made was to send our children to St Raphael's School. It is an investment in them, their success, and in their faith journey. St Raphael's provides a safe, loving, small, family, and faith filled enviroment where each one of our children thrive. They are encouraged to be their own person and reach their potential while being taught strong moral values and also developing a relashionship with Christ. I am always proud to say this is the school that my children attend."

Nicholas and Melissa Brachelli

"St. Raphael School is so much more than just a school. It has become our second home- full of love, laughter and learning. St Raphael's offers each child a quality education by an outstanding group of caringand loving faculty and staff who encourage them to share and develop their God-given talents. We are truly blessed to be a part of the St Raphael community! We wouldn't want our daughter anywhere else but at Saint Raphael School"

Melissa and Chris Barnes
Parent of a 1st grader

"As soon as you walk through the front door and up the stairs of Saint Raphael School, the Church is in front of you, at the heart of the building.

There is no distinction between the church and the school. They are simply one, led by the undeniable wisdom and inspiration of God's love."

Kelly & John Figueroa

At Saint Raphael School there is a strong sense of community and God. When you walk through the door everyone makes you feel like family. The school provides a high-quality, faith based education in a family type environment. Mrs. Cwirko, the principal, is always available to discuss any concerns you may have with your child. She genuinely cares about the children and school. We are blessed to belong to Saint Raphael School where there is a community of caring students, teachers and parents.

Sherry Barber
3rd and 4th Grade Parents

The first time my twins walked into the double doors of St Raphaelís School, they fell in love. They were in awe of the classrooms, the walls aligned with projects, the warm welcome from the caring principal, Mrs. Cwirko, and the heart of the school, St Raphael-Holy Angels Parish. They didnít want to leave and we, as parents, knew then, that this was the right school for our children. Our children have been succeeding academically, developing as leaders, and establishing a spiritual bond with God through their religion classes and weekly mass. They are always excited to talk about their day at school and what they have learned or how they engaged in class. St. Raphaelís School has been a blessing for our family, and we are glad about the choice we made.

Jay and Fanny Martinez
3 rd Grade Parents