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S - Science

Science classes at Saint Raphael School follow the Diocese of Trenton Curriculum guidelines. Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are being incorporated into the curriculum as well as NJ Core Curriculum Standards. Science starts in the PreK Program and continues through 8 th grade. A comprehensive study of all three branches of Science (Life, Earth, and Physical) is accentuated by lab/project intensive courses.

Our PreK programs study the Caterpillar/Butterfly life cycle using the insects. 1 st grade studies and develops habitats along with an Aerodynamics lesson creating airplanes.

3 rd grade is involved in lava lamp creation and 5 th grade’s physical science unit takes them outside in the winter to study surface tension using bubbles.

Middle School Science is integrated and students experience a lab activity once a week on average. Each year students have the option to participate in a dissection (specimens are based upon grade level). 7 th grade students create their own news/weather report and 8 th grade students explore space by creating a creature based on a planets’ environment.