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R - Religion

Saint Raphael School provides a classic catholic education enhanced by The Cardinal Newman Curriculum Standards . Saint Raphael School has adopted and embraces the goals of the Catholic Church’s guidance when responding to and involving young people. Our students learn to live as disciples of Jesus Christ, to learn and grow personally and spiritually within the context of their individual lives and as members of our global world, and to honor the call of service to others.

At our baptism, we receive the Light of Christ. As Children of the Light, regardless of our age, we are called to evangelize, to bear joyful witness to God’s presence in our lives each and every day to everyone we meet. When we do this, the world, is in need of His transforming love, becomes a much better place.

We are truly blessed to gather as a school family to celebrate Mass every Friday. Our students are actively involved in the Liturgy as lectors, altar servers, gift bearers, and the music ministry. By participating in the Mass, we have the opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ in the most profound way possible.