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SRS Teacher Spotlight


1.    Please share a little background about yourself?

Hi.  My name is Debbie Davis. I am the kindergarten teacher here at Saint Raphael School. I was born in Trenton, New Jersey and started my school career attending Miss Ireland's Private School, which was located in the Chambersburg section of the city, for kindergarten and first grade.  At that point, my family grew and I became the big sister of two younger brothers, and we moved across the river to Morrisville, PA. I went to school there for second grade and then we moved to Levittown, where I attended the Pennsbury Schools until my graduation from Pennsbury High School in 1968. After high school graduation, I attended West Chester State College, which is now known as West Chester University.  I went to college there for my freshmen, sophomore, and junior years. For my senior year, I transferred to Trenton State College and graduated with a BS in elementary education in June, 1972.  In September of that same year I began my first year as a teacher at Saint Joachim's School in Chambersburg, New Jersey. My first nine years of teaching, I taught first grade.  The next year, the sister who had taught kindergarten became ill and I was asked to fill in for her for a half year. I accepted the position and hence, my career as a kindergarten teacher began! I am in my 46th year of teaching, 36 of those years have been here at Saint Raphael School.

I am the mother of two children. My son, Max and my daughter, Tara, are both graduates of Saint Raphael and now have their own homes. My companions are now my two dogs, Ember and Milkshake, better known as “Shakie”. Most importantly, I am also the very proud “Grammy” to my first grandchild, my grandson, Quinn, who has completely stolen my heart.

2.   What inspired or motivated you to become a teacher?

I always loved school and learning from an early age. When other little girls wanted to be singers or actresses or nurses, I always wanted to be a teacher.  I would come home from school and play school with my dolls and stuffed animals every day. Having some wonderful teachers in my early years of school only helped to encourage me in my dream even more.

3.   Why did you choose to be a teacher St Raphael School?

I was given the opportunity to start a kindergarten program here at Saint Raphael's by Sr. Mary Kennedy. She felt that the way to grow our school was to grow what we offered.  She was so supportive in developing the program and obtaining all that was needed from day one.  Our kindergarten was one of the first full day kindergartens in this area.  The first year I had 36 children in my class!! Times have certainly changed!

4.   Throughout your time as a teacher, what moments have captivated you to think/say “This is why I teach at a

         Catholic School. "

I have been tremendously blessed as a teacher in the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Trenton. I have worked with wonderful, supportive pastors and principals over the years. My colleagues   have been top notch educators who care so much about the children and work daily to provide the best education for each and every student.  The children I have had the pleasure to know and care for have filled my heart every day with love. I get up every day and thank God that he brought me to Saint Raphael's School. The many families who are now friends have made my years as a Catholic educator very, very rewarding.

5.   What do you enjoy doing once you go home at the end of the school day?

There are so many things that I enjoy!  So many my list could go on and on!  I am an avid beach lover. There is nothing like the feeling of the hot sun on my face as I sit on the beach watching and listening to the sound of the ocean waves. I find nothing relieves stress more than a day at the beach.  When not at the beach, I enjoy hanging by my pool, again in the sun, with a good book in hand. I enjoy gardening and decorating and find I am never quite satisfied and always changing things.

I do enjoy music and going to live concerts.  That all began when I was very young. My first concert was The Beatles when they first came over from Liverpool.  I have had the opportunity to go to many concerts-over the years...Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond, The Rolling Stones, Chicago, The Jackson Five, Alan Jackson, etc.  I'm showing my age with my choice of music, I guess!

I love binge watching all of the Law and Order shows, Blue Bloods and NCIS . I can't leave out Big

Bang Theory , one of my all-time favorites.

Most of all at this stage of my life, I enjoy spending time doing just about anything with my family and friends.  But I have to admit my number one thing to do is to spend the day playing with my grandson.  Nothing puts a smile on my face or more joy in my heart than Quinn!