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SRS Teacher Spotlight
SRS Teacher Spotlight

SRS is blessed to have hardworking, dedicated and caring teachers. The PTA would like to spotlight teachers throughout the school year .

Mrs. Chludzinski  

Saint Raphael School is blessed to have hardworking, dedicated, and caring teachers. The PTA would like to spotlight teachers throughout the school year.

Mrs. Chludzinski was born and raised in Hamilton Square, NJ in a very faith-filled home. As a child, she would often play “school” with her friends and emulate the many wonderful teachers that taught her. This led her to choose teaching as her career. Mrs. Chludzinski’s favorite school memory is making necklaces and weaving baskets in Third Grade while learning about the Native American Indians of New Jersey.

Mrs. Chludzinski became an Army wife after graduating from Trenton State College. Moving from state to state frequently made finding a teaching position challenging. Mrs. Chludzinski believes that she was led to Catholic education by God. While interviewing for a teaching position at a Catholic school in St. Louis, Missouri, the priest interviewing her explained that teaching in a Catholic school is a vocation. This was a revelation! It became evident to her that God had called her, and she chose Catholic education with His guidance.

Mrs. Chludzinski started her family and became a “Stay at Home Mom” to her six children. Although she took a break from teaching, she never stopped studying her faith. She had many conversations about faith, read Catholic books, and prayed the rosary with a group of new friends and women of strong faith. This helped to prepare her for her teaching comeback at Holy Angels School, which ultimately led her to Saint Raphael School.

Mrs. Chludzinski has been teaching at SRS since 2005. Her love of sharing stories about her experiences with God helps students to see His power. Her students see the power of faith: “When you believe, you receive!” Recently, her Fourth Grade students were shown the power of faith. They prayed the rosary multiple times for Mrs. Chludzinski’s father in law, who had fallen ill. The students totally believed in the power of prayer and witnessed God’s power to perform miracles when he recovered. In her free time, Mrs. Chludzinski loves spending time with her family, her grandson, Carter, and her border collie, Mr. Darcy. She also enjoys travelling, reading, DIY projects, and bird-watching from her front porch.

Mrs. Chludzinski feels truly blessed to be here at Saint Raphael School where she can be passionately Catholic in all that she does, and we are equally as blessed and proud to call her our Fourth Grade Teacher!




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