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March 1, 2020Class Tricky Tray Basket Donations Due

PreK 3 and PreK 4 —Arts and Crafts Basket Suggested items include crayons, markers, coloring books, colored pencils, Play Doh, stickers, glue, paints, paint brushes, scissors, stencils, and smocks.

Kindergarten —Pasta Basket Suggested items include pasta of any kind, olive oil, jarred sauce, jarred tomatoes, strainers, wooden spoons, flatbread mixes, spices, and pesto mix packets.

First Grade —Outside Grilling Basket Suggested items include a grill of any size, marinades, kabob utensils, grilling utensils, pot holders, chef hats, toothpicks, decks of cards, girl basket, griddle, lawn chairs, corn grilling basket, and foil.

Second Grade —Slime Basket Suggested items include slime, slime kits, kinetic sand, and foam.

Third Grade —Movie Night Basket Suggest items include popcorn, girt cards to movie theater, Red Box gift cards, restaurant gift cards, DVDs, candy, and hot chocolate.

Forth Grade —Garden Basket Suggested items include flower seeds, gardening gloves, knee pads for gardening, bags of potting soil, flower pots, watering cans, small gardening shovels, and hose nozzles.

Fifth Grade —Game Night Basket Suggested items include board games, snacks, decks of cards, popcorn, and card games.

Sixth Grade —Kids Books Basket Suggested items include books for children, bookmarks, and stuffed animals.

Seventh Grade —Sports Theme BasketSuggested items include sunscreen, sunflower seeds, a cooler, all types of sports balls and equipment, popcorn, big league chew, Gatorade, water bottles, sweatbands, Cracker Jacks, and sports towels.

Eight Grade —Outdoor Adventure Basket Suggested items include a tent, Frisbee, lawn chairs, yetis, hot chocolate, snacks, s'mores essentials, mugs, beef jerky, flash lights, lightening bug catcher, picnic baskets, tables clothes, rain ponchos. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your class room parent!