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Hello, my name is Chelsea Sandmeyer. I am happy to be teaching PreK-4 at St. Raphael School this year.  I am a graduate of The College of New Jersey with Bachelor of Science degrees in both Elementary Education and History.  


Prior to teaching Pre-K a SRS, I taught in several different schools in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I currently live in New Jersey, and I have lived in several states over the years: Texas, South Carolina, and Virginia. This is because I am from a military family.


My passion is teaching children!  Even during my college years I became an instructor for field trip classes at Fernbrook Farms in Chesterfield, NJ. I enjoyed teaching about different aspects of farm life, like working with soil…and chickens!   Discovering my class’ interests in life is wonderful! I enjoyed showing them how to apply what they have learned in school to their own lives, encouraging them to become independent learners, as they are ever curious while striving for achievement.   

The student-parent-teacher team is the key to classroom success. I very much appreciate all the parent/guardian support which you so generously give.  Know that you may contact me by email at or at